Packaging systems for industrial goods

Jürgens Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is the leading manufacturer of vertical wrapping systems for industrial goods.
As a specialist for vertical wrapping machines for various industrial goods that require a high degree of load securing, Jürgens is the first port of call for customers from the industrial goods branch. Fully-automatic vertical packaging systems including innovative parachute technology (pallet load securing for high-rack storage systems)


  • 6-sided complete stretch-film packaging, extremely high degree of load security - even for heavy goods, no additional strapping required
  • waterproof and dustproof packaging
  • Pure film packaging without any additional energy expenditure - energy gas or electricity
  • Parachute technology for goods to be stored in high-rack storage
  • Extremely high packaging capacity possible
Industriegüter Verpackung Industrieverpackungstechnik