Packaging lines for short rolls

Packaging lines for short rolls (roof linings, pool sealings, textile rolls, carpets, mattress ticking etc.) Turnkey handling and packaging systems.
Jürgens Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is the leading manufacturer of turnkey handling and packaging systems for many different types of short rolls. 

Maximum flexibility, handling of many different types of roll and roll dimensions are the hallmarks of the fully-automatic JÜRGENS handling and packaging systems.

As a specialist for packaging lines for roof linings, Jürgens is the first port of call for customers from the construction industry. Fully-automatic packaging systems for PVC pool sealings, textile and carpet rolls as well as mattress ticking are all part of our scope of supply.

  • Automatic retrieval of ready wound and cut rolls/sheets from the winder
  • 6 or 7-axis robotic systems
  • Inline weighing system
  • Inline labelling (on the outside of the cut roll and as a final package label)
  • Packaging of individual rolls
  • Palletising of the rolls
  • Final package label on the wrapped rolls
  • Automatic discharge of faulty rolls
  • Discharge of waste material
  • Integrated data management and communication with all upstream production machines and ERP systems
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